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The Road to Tourney: Still making the same mistake
By Mark Ortego
One problem that I am working on to overcome is my lack of focused concentration during a tournament. I don't believe I suffer from A.D.D.*, but because I love to play control decks, I end up using most, if not all, of my alotted match time. This allows for almost no break time in-between matches which means my brain doesn't really get a chance to recover from the last match. I suppose I could start to play "Beatdown" decks, afterall, there was a time in my past when I played Stompy (Mirage/Tempest era). But there is something very attractive, to me at least, about playing "The Long Game".
This past Thursday was no exception, my first match was against a shop regular, who was playing a Red/Green deck, he handed me a quick loss for game one, but not without him experiencing several Wrath set backs and an Absorb here and there. The next game went long, I sided in 3x Mageta's and a 2nd. Misdirection (I spotted a Rage in game one). I got out a Mageta alright, and a good thing too, he was laying down the beatings on me. The problem was when I tapped-out (Mistake No.#1), and he ArmaCloaked my guy. I wasn't finding my DisBlow, probably because I sided two of them out (Mistake No.#2), so I ended up by finally Wrathing away my guy and replacing him with a Blinding Angel (sidenote: I think I allow myself to be viewed by my opponents as having bad playing skills, because there was no way my opponent could deal with my Angel and I do my best to keep my hand at seven making my opponent think I am with counter-magic, and he still didn't concede therefore forcing a slow "Death by Angel", which is extremely boring and demoralizing). Game 3, with ten min. to go we start, he plays an elf, yadda, yadda, yadda, and I counter stuff, yadda, yadda, yadda, BOOM! I hear, "At the end of the active players turn, the five turn rule kicks in, okay?" (I think Friggin'Rizzo would say, "So what, Chief!" I say, "Yes, Sir!"). Meanwhile, I have a Blinding Angel out that's beating him down and now, now he's at three (I'm at 1) on the fourth turn he Rage's, I Absorb, he lays down a surprising B-Angel, I counter, he ArmaCloaks my Angel, I say, "It Resolves." (Because I am without counter). Now this next part is the point of my topic; turn five, I draw, I attack and the owner calls the match a draw and I have no response because my mind is in need of fresh air. You see, I won, but I didn't point out to everyone that was watching that my opponent had to take the damage first before being rewarded life points from the Cloak therefore putting him at ZERO life first, in which case HE'S DEAD! This happened to me once before and I should've remembered to say something. In fact, no one said anything after the match or during the whole night, I didn't realize it until the next day!


A while ago there was a topic in the CPA forums section about how Wakefield used to do this dice thing with his mistakes. I did do that for a while back in the Fall but quit doing it because I thought it was silly. But you know what? I don't think I would've allowed this mistake to happen to me if I was still in the habit of using it, oh well. Round 2.

This match was sort of a grudge match between myself and the guy who beat me senseless two weeks ago with my own IBC U/B deck (and help from The Evil Shop Guru-my sworn nemesis!). As it turned out, he asked me to borrow it again and I said, "You knew we had a T2 tournament tonight, why didn't you bring a T2 deck?" It was really a rhetorical question because the real answer is that he's too lazy to build one, or even copy one for that matter. No real lesson learned from this match except that pay-backs are a B****! He was with a very disorganized U/B discard/counter deck, no Nether's, no Undermines, no Lobotomy, not a single luxury. I think I saw an Urborg Drake being casted but it went to the graveyard immediately because of countering efforts by me . Both games went the same and I creamed him both times, actually, I did have about 5 min. left in the match to catch a quick diet soda pop.
On a regular occasion, we have guys from the neighboring town come to our tourneys. I always like it when folks visit us for our tournaments when they hail from somewhere else, it makes me feel like Magic truly promotes great community. Anyway, my next opponent is playing U/W Control, it's nearly the exact copy (I am using the Gabe Tsang - Chicago '00 version) and he's using a minor variation of it. "The Mirror Match", you always hear about it, but for me, I don't think it's ever really happened this close. Game one came down to this; who had the most cards left in their library. I did. So he conceded. Game Two: In went the Millstones and Stronghold Machinist (me) but he boarded in Mageta's instead of Machinists', hmmm, (My Mistake No.#4). The opening moves were kind of funny; Coastal Tower, (Caostal Tower-him), Island-Millstone, (Island-Millstone-him), Island-DisBlow his 'Stone (Island-DisBlow my 'Stone). I swear, that's exactly how it started out. Well, it was a long game and he finally eeked out a Mageta that beat me down, I lose. Game 3. I side out the Machinist and board in the Mageta's. It came down to who would get out the Mageta first, he did, I lose again. Though this match went to the full time (almost). I really didn't make that many mental errors except for not boarding in the Mageta's for the second game, it could've made a difference, maybe.
Well, I went 4-3-1 and 1-1-1 which mathematically put me in third.
If there is one thing that is really ANNOYING, it's making repeated mistakes. That's something I need to work on.
BTW, I usually have problems with my nemesis "The Evil Shop Guru", but he was noticeably absent this night, that's good!
If you've gotten this far, then I'm glad, I'm working on my writting skills and method, if you, at all, have any creative or constructive insights for me, let me know, thanks.

This is Yellowjacket, traveling that long road to: Tourneyland.

*A.ttention D.eficet (sp?) D.isorder

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