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My casual tourney Experience
By Adam Sherman
A casual tourney report
I played in a tourney last Friday at a local card shop with a friend named Stephan Hoyer. I was trying to get experience to decide what to modify in my fires deck. I managed to place 4th and play in the final 4. My friend who's deck we built in 50 minutes placed 2nd. My deck looked like this.
4 llanowar elves
4 blastoderms
4 river boas
4 saproling burst
3 fires of yavimaya's
3 seals of fire
2 birds of paradise
2 elvish archers
2 ancient hydras
2 skizziks
1 lunge
1 hammer of bogardan
1 urza's rage
1 armadillo cloak
1 chimeric idol
1 rith the awakener
1 kavu titan
1 raging kavu
1 tangle wire
10 forests
8 mountains
2 cities of brass
1 brushland
1 keldon necropolis
2 flashfires
2 wax/wanes
2 aura mutations
2 tangles
2 kavu chameleon's
1 blurred mongoose
1 armadillo cloak
1 elvish archers
1 dawnstrider
1 scorching lava
I played 4 regulation matches and ended 3-1 matches and 7-3 in games here is my report
1st match Matt playing Counter-Rebel
1st game
I play and pull a 1st turn birds. He drops a coastal tower. I mention how I crushed him with this deck 2 weeks ago. I play a river boa. He drops an island and plays a ramosian sergeant. I play a blastoderm and my boa hits him for 2. He puts down another island and says go. I play a mountain and cast fires of yavimaya which is absorbed bringing him to 21. I rush with my derm and my boa. He chumps the blastoderm and takes another 2 putting him to 19. He plays a plains and casts wrath of god, Ouch. I draw and drop another mountain and cast skizzik with kicker I hit him for 5 he is at 14. He plays a sivvi and an island and says go. I draw and drop a seal of fire and run at him with the skizzik. He goes to 9. He plays a plains. I draw drop another mountain and run at him for 5 he brings out a vanguard to chump he takes 3 trample and is at 6. I drop a blastoderm. He has no answer. He draws lays down a land and says go, I draw an urza's rage I rush with term he brings out a vanguard. I tell him that was a mistake and point to my seal of fire. He concedes and we sideboard. I bring in my 2 chameleons my dawnstrider and my 2 flashfires. Out goes 1 burst 1 archers 1 seal of fire 1 raging kavu and a kavu titan.

2nd game
He plays a first turn coastal towers. I drop my first turn elf. He drops an island. I drop a boa countered. He plays plains. I drop fires he disenchants it. He plays island. I drop term absorbed he is at 23. He plays plains and defiant falcon. I get my 4th land for a burst he absorbs it he is at 26. He plays a plains and casts sivvi. I play ancient hydra he absorbs it up to 29!!! I yell "Who gets 3 absorbs in 6 turns???? He plays a plains and says go. I draw and drop yet another term he counters. I hate this guy with 5 counters in 7 turns. End of my turn sky marshal comes into play. I draw 5 land and his falcon and marshal whoop me. Him 29 me 0

3rd game
I play first get a slow hand and keep it any ways I play a mountain and cast a seal of fire. He plays a plains and casts a sergeant I whap it. I draw play a forest and cast boa. He plays an island and drops a falcon. I lunge it. He draws plays a plains. And sits there for 8 turns with no land but this and loses. His deck was unlucky I am not sure who had the better deck.

2nd match Nether-Go (This Deck should have won the tournament)
1st game
I proceed to draw a great hand after muliganing to 5 and topdeck like a god every creature is either killed, undermined, or countered. He gets an air elemental out and I cant kill it cause 2 seals were countered I lose.
I decided I would lose badly and sideboard in my cloak and dawnstrider for rith and archers and my chameleons for bursts anyway.
2nd game I draw a god hand and topdeck like mad and bring him to 5 til he establishes board control I am at 12 due to undermine and Nether spirit but I scorched with kicker his spirit. He manages to draw an air elemental and the beatdown starts I go to 8 then draw an urza's rage and bring him to 2. I block his Elemental with a birds for one turn and take 4 bringing me to 4. I topdeck a seal of fire which he cannot counter. I WIN.
The 3rd game I lost with 2 damage deal by nether spirit. I only had 2 cities as mana sources I take 10 from them and 9 from undermine. BAD HAND. After I drew enough mana though both my kavu chameleons were maliced which sucked.
. His deck ruled though, best one at the tourney I thought.

3rd match Counter- hammer- Squee??

1st game
I did not get to see much of this deck due to the fact that I got fast hands and dealt 20 damage quick. I play an elf, a boa, third turn raging kavu, take 5 I play a blasty and then draw a skizzik and crush him he cast two spells a sky diamond and a squee. I side in my archer my cloak and my mongoose.

2nd game
Read above and replace Squee with hammer.

4th match White blue control

1st game I got 1st turn elf 2nd turn boa 3rd turn derm and he wrathed. I won after drawing 6 land with a recurring hammer which smacked for 18 damage He drew 8 land in a row.

2nd game I did not bother sideboarding
I did the same thing as above but he routed on turn 5 after taking 10 from my 2 boa smacks 1 elf smack and 1 derm smack. I play a seal of fire and a skizzik without kicker to smack him to 5 I draw and play river boa he casts story circle green. I urza's rage which gets absorbed.and I draw into another skizzik for the win.

My friend kicked the nether go deck in the head smacking it with a 2-0 loss. We were both 3-1 He lost to a copy of kibler's deck. There were 6 3-1s and 2 3-0-1 and only 4 make the final. We both got in. Him vs the Red zone, Me vs white green rebel.

5th match
1st game
He gets a friendly rebel chain out and smacks me with 2 armadillo cloaked thermal gliders. I decide to side in flashfires he had 4 plains and 1 brushland in play.

2nd game
I draw both to my delight and a god hand vs rebel. Rebel Who played rebel? He played three boas and 2 cloaks 1 brushland 5 forests. I hate him absolutely hate him.

6th match for 3rd place
Me vs The red zone. My friend got his revenge, I practiced with this guy early on and crushed him in 4 straight.
1st game he draws 2 birds 2 elves 2 forests and a rith. He got a third turn rith and cast an armadillo cloak 4th turn. I concede.

2nd game I side in enchantment destruction for my skizzik and raging kavu my archers and my idol.
I manage to play a kavu titan with kicker then cloak it on turn 4. His turn 5 he plays rith. He is down to 6 on my turn 6. He cloaks rith and hits me for 8he makes his tokens and he thinks it reads creatures of that color instead of permanents and makes 6 1/1 tokens, I dont argue with that. I get a wax/wane and knock down his cloak and bring him down to 7. He draws a cloak and cloaks rith he whaps me again. I draw crap and he draws A MOTHER #%%^@$ CLOAK I CONCEDE TO HIM GAINING 20 LIFE WITH A DOUBLE CLOAKED RITH ON TURN 8. I come in 4th I watch my friend lose cause of a judge. Rebel dude down to 2 My friend hits him with two vodalian zombies one is blocked with a armadillo cloaked glider. The judge said that life gain was simultaneous with taking damage. That was a game costing BAD call I pointed that out to him that the game checks to see if you are at 0 at all times and life gain happens after damage resolves. But he decided to cost my friend a potential 40$ and a foil river boa instead. Judge here was not good. I figured this out about my deck Tangle Wire is damn good if I can play it as I saw in testing I am putting 3 instead of 1 in and removing an archers and a raging kavu. I am maindecking an armadillo cloak instead of lunge. I will sideboard in another rith so I can see him more. And that this was a good deck but I need to test against Nether-Go.
Props to My brother Russell for loaning me Cards that make this deck run
Props to Stephan for giving me my spot by beating Nether-Go
Props to Stephan for coming to the tournament and buying me a pack with his prize money
Props to the guy who designed Nether-Go at the tournament you have a winner there.
Slops to the judge for his really bad call.
Slops to the Tith deck for topdecking like mad.
Props to the store for holding a great tournament.
Slops to Burgerville, I almost missed my 3rd round game because of a thirty minute wait

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