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The Wheel of Changes: Déjà Vu
By K.Salam "DÛke" AL.H
It’s all happening again! Another set is released, and I go the to store, and I see another person vibrating some weird winds out of his mouth: “Invasion sucks”, or the more popular one: “Magic is dead”; well, ok, I lied. I don’t hear them say that anymore, because after hearing it said so many times, all I hear now is “Blah, blah, blah, and blah”; get the idea? I hope so. So let me see, am I a psychic or what? Planeshift is the next set planned by WotC; let see, I will perform a supernatural reading and, well, my powers are telling me that Planeshift will mark the “end” of Magic, and that it “sucks”. Wait and see. Comes the time Planeshift is around, and lets see how the message boards and the stores will be contaminated with meaningless vibrations. People talk too much for what they have to say; words, without a meaning, just fading away.

“Grow up!” That’s what I told the store worker for he himself complaining about Invasion. “The people are not buying Invasion boosters”, he complained. “Well, if you drop the price from $4 into $2.50, maybe, if you’re nice enough, you’ll get people to buy your stupid boosters”, that was my remark. I got kicked out of the store; ok, well, banned actually, because I said what’s on my mind! I thought this was the “free country”, I complained walking out. I slammed the door open, walk out, and I hear an echoing “shut up!” behind me from the storeowner. Oh well, I won’t “shut up”, I’ll just go to other store that actually doesn’t mind the “freedom of speech”, a store that doesn’t sell Magic boosters for $4…

It’s everywhere. In message boards, in stores, in real life, and just a common plague now! I see people complaining about new sets everyday, everywhere, and why? If this new set “suck” that badly, why don’t one quit? Just because one can’t handle the evolution, doesn’t mean one must enforce his or her stupidity on everyone. It’s not a global thing (it’s local); how’s that?

No! And what’s really bad is I see those people complaining actually buying those “useless” cards! Again, why? Oh, he got an “Undermine”, he’s happy! But I thought he said all the cards in the new set sucks? What’up with that?

Complain, complain, and then more complain; yet they go out and spend tons of money to buy these pieces of cardboard? I don’t think it’s the set that sucks anymore. I don’t think anyone who said a set sucks really know what he or she is talking about; I think it has became a “drug” to say a set sucks to relief some inner insecurities or something. It’s like an addiction now. A trend, or a pattern perhaps. A new set is released, and right before one even smells the dang newly printed cardboard, one would go out to a favorite local store or a random Magic message boards and complain about it.

Did you even try reading the spoiler? Or did you “dream” out a whole new set, and because you had no imagination, you made cards that “suck” real bad, and then you thought they were the new set’s cards and than thought: “Dang! What a bad set!” Well guess what, those cards were only in your dreams; I don’t know what you’re talking about. Look into the real thing before judging.

One thing that’s very “eccentric”: the same people who complained, are now playing the new set, and the bad part (or good?), they are enjoying playing it! Is it a force of will? Or is it that they were wrong with their hasty judgement? I think the later is more accurate.

I have one advice to give to those who are addicted to the “drug of complainant”. When a new set comes out, and you’re reading the spoiler for the first time, could you please try (I know it’s hard) to operate that thing in your head (brain) and think about the cards? Instead of wasting your time saying: “Well, dang it! Here comes a new set, I gotta get ready to complain,” why don’ you think, “Well, here comes a new set, let’s have a REAL look at the cards.” It would really be great for everyone (and yourself too). Stop complaining, look at the cards, play them, and only then do you have the right to judge; or at least, “only then might someone (other than your ego) listen to your judgments…”

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