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MY first tournament - what a blast!
By Mchael Goves
Type II Tournament Report Sunday November 5th 2000

Okay. This is my first tournament write-up, so don't be to harsh on my good self. Here we go, then...

Sunday morning at Southend Victoria Station. Me and Iain Bain meet up at 10:15 and catch the train to Rayleigh where we meet with Sam Duncombe and Graeme Taylor. We catch the train to Liverpool Street at a tremendously slow pace, and then get the tube to Charing Cross. From Charing Cross, it was a 10- minute walk to the venue - some pub in London. We arrived, registered (I joined the DCI), and prepared for our first rounds. By this time, I was extremely nervous, but looking forward to my first match.

My decklist:


2 Vine Trellis
4 Llanowar Elves
2 River Boa
4 Spore Frog
4 Pygmy Razorback
2 Silverglade Elemental
4 Blastoderm
2 Living Terrain
2 Animate Land
2 Grizzly Bears
2 Llanowar Elite
4 Wild Might
4 Giant Growth
2 Seal of Strength
1 Spitting Spider
1 Howling Mine
2 Hickory Woodlot
17 Forest

Side Board
SB: 2 Wing Storm
SB: 1 Squall
SB: 1 Tranquility
SB: 1 Calming Verse
SB: 2 Thresher Beast
SB: 1 Rushwood Legate
SB: 1 Mungha Wurm
SB: 2 Marsh Boa
SB: 3 Thrive
SB: 1 Skyshroud Claim

This deck is basically a conglomeration of the best green cards I could get my hands on without paying out any money. Its main goal is to play lots of fast little creatures, and pump them to the max. It has plenty of speed, being able to easily do 10-12 damage by 3rd or 4th turn, but its main problem is stalling after that. I added the Howling Mine to give me some extra card drawing. I would obviously have liked to play with Kavu Titans instead of Grizzly Bears, but Iain was the only one who possesed any, and they were all in his deck. The sideboard choices are pretty obvious, and are basically the best hosers for each color that I possessed.

Round 1 - David Jennings- Black/Red Land Destruction - Table 8
This was this guy's first tournament as well. However, he seemed to know what he was doing much better than I did; he didn't drop his cards!
Game 1, I manage to get some weenies out and I pump them a bit, and he plays very little in response. He nuts a few of my lands but nothing of any bother. I win.
Game 2 I manage pretty much the same, but he plays a Juntu Stakes which stops me in my tracks (By stopping creatures with power 1 or less? - Istanbul). He then plays a Veteran Brawlers and nuts all my lands and hits for 4 each turn until my death.
Game 3 goes pretty much the same as Game 2, except I manage to get a Blastoderm and a Pygmy Razorback out despite the Juntu, and a win was nothing less than expected from then on.
Hooray! I won my first match at my first tournament. Success!
Tourney Record : 2-0-0

Round 2 - Paul Spurgeon - Black Discard - Table 5
This guy seemed to be good. Had 4 Vampiric Tutors, one of which was a foil!
Game 1 went pretty much his way. He managed to get an early Blazing Specter which had me discarding and losing life until my death.
Game 2 I sided in some anti-flyers and 2 Marsh Boa. I managed a turn 4 Blastoderm, then a turn 5 Blastoderm and then turn 6...Blastoderm. This prompted him to stand up and call me a cheating bastard! Which I am not - he scoops and I win that one.
Game 3 was good. He has the Specter out again and I have some weenies, and we trade damage for a bit. All the time, though, I am discarding cards which is not good. I keep a Spitting Spider in hand but never draw the fourth land I require. That gets discarded and I then draw a Howling Mine. I play it, and he stands up and declares I am no longer a cheating bastard! The game goes on with me taking bits of damage and discarding and him doing the same. I get a Blasty out and appear set to win the damage race when he topdecks a Perish! We continue and it comes to his turn. He puts me on 2 with the Spectre and then taps a City of Brass to put himself to 3. He then taps some more mana for a 2 -point earthquake, which kills me and leaves him at one!
Am pissed a bit. I almost went 2-0 and up to the top table. Anyway on we go!
Tourney Record : 3-0-2

Round 3 - Matthew Sach - Green/Red Stompy - Table 9
Game 1 - No chance. He wipes the floor with me.
Game 2 starts better. Using Wild Mights and Giant Growths on a Spore Frog I get him down to 3 life in about 5-6 turns. However, there my deck stalls and he pounds me with Leeches and Blastys until I scoop.
Ouch. Showed me a decent stompy deck.
Tourney Record: 3-0-4

Round 4 - Damien Clarke- Blue/Black removal type thing - Table 12
Game 1 went superbly. Pygmy Razorback and Grizzly Bear beatdown! Rishadan Airships are so poor.
Game 2, and he sides in lots of removal. He eventually wins the damage race.
Game 3 and he stalls on 4 lands. I continually hit him with River Boas and Blastys until he can take no more.
That was fun. His deck was OK, but he couldn't do much to stop my rampaging weenies.
Tourney Record : 5-0-5

Round 5 - Samuel Duncombe - Dragons - Table 9
When the draw went up I felt so bad. Having playtested against this deck I knew that my chances of winning were extremely minimal. However at this point he had been having an indifferent day, though he was currently on the up.
Game 1. He says he should have mulliganed - Pah! He scoops turn 6 after facing the wrath of Spore Frogs!
Game 2. I hate collective restraint! Having to pay 5 to attack with a Pygmy Razorback is very humiliating. This, followed by making me discard my hand with Crosis, led to my death a few turns later.
Game 3 went much the same way as the last. Collective Restraint went down early, and when he Recoiled my Spore Frog at the end of my turn, I knew my time had come...
Nyagh!!! So infuriatingly annoying. After winning the first game, I felt I had a better chance - why, oh why, did I not maindeck some enchantment removal?!
Tourney Record : 6-0-7

Round 6 - Iain Bain - Red/Green Stompy - Table 11
Another one of my playtesting partners! I knew that his deck was definitely better than mine, but if I drew enough early pump and weenies, I could take him.
Game 1. I drew nothing useful and lasted
about 7 turns.
Game 2 was good. We both battle for around 20 turns, gradually taking life off each other. I manage to get him down to 3 whilst stabilizing myself at 7. I then realize that he only has two creatures to block with, and I have 4 creatures, with any two of them having a combined power total of 3! I charge and get the kill.
Game 3 is close again, but he eventually kills me in around 12 turns.

Okay, so I ended up winning 2 and losing 4, but I took a game from everyone I played bar one, and almost won my second round game.
Tourney Record : 7-0-9

Man, that was fun! Despite not doing brilliantly, I am pleased that such a raw and basic deck managed to win even one match, but to win two and to go close in two others was way beyond my expectations. I am looking forward to our next planned tournament, the Planeshift pre-release in January. This will give me my first taste of sealed deck format.

Just Finally.
Props: Me doing better than Dead, Sam beating a guy with a foil Vampiric Tutor (I almost beat him!), the venue was a pub, location was easy to get to.

Slops: Pub food is expensive! Also ventilation was a major problem and the room was quite small, and after 6 hours of magic in a smoky atmosphere, we all stank of cigarettes - not nice.

Any comments, mail me -

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