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Revisiting the Wakefield Six
By Peter Nied
Revisiting the Wakefield Six
The Wakefield 6. Before you start a game of magic with a friend wipe out a 1D6 (otherwise known as a Six Sided dice.) When ever you see yourself make an error, like not attacking, or casting a spell at the wrong time you move the dice down a number. When you’re at 1 and you have to turn it down again, you just take away the dice. At this point you should have either lost the game or your opponent is having some really bad problems.
Well today, during chemistry, I was playing a fellow student magic, to keep his identity safe lets just call him Jeremy. Well I was playing an MBC6-Invasion deck, 5-color Spreading Plague (using all those little 2 colored protection creatures). Well as of now I’m still testing the deck, it isn’t any good yet.
Jeremy was playing a 4 color Verdeloth and Saporling Symbiosis deck. Now before I go on anymore I have to tell you Jeremy isn’t that good of a magic player, he has some of the good deck building skills down but he lacks game-play sense. Duel is watching us play.
The game starts off, at turn five I get a Spreading Plague. At turn 8 Jeremy plays Lotus Guardian (this is my worst nightmare, a flying artifact creature.) He has out 2 other creatures, I have one (non-flier). He starts attacking me on the third he has it out. He also has out a Razorfoot Griffin. He just attack with the lotus guardian for the next 4 turns putting me at 4. I top deck my only Dancing Scimitar. Play it, that gets me at least 1 more turn.
He now sees that he should have attacked with the Razorfoot Griffin. He attacks, putting me at 2. Then he plays Teferi’s Care, sacrifices a Pulse of Llanowar, and kills my plague. That hits me like a brick to the head. I dawns on me that I’m gonna loss right now. But I’m not one to scoop unless it ticks off my opponent.
I start my next turn a little mad cause I think I should have done better I use a worldly tutor to draw a Llanowar Knight (WG, Pro Black 2/2.) I play it. Jeremy yells, “damn!” scoops up his Razorfoot and his TOP and throws them in the graveyard. I look at the floor and say, “go” with a smile.
I just want to point out at this point that I don’t have a Spreading plague out, done.
I turn to Duel and ask him, “You see that?”
Duel answers, ”Yea worldly tutor works.”
“No”, I say.
“Yeah, I saw that”, replies Duel
“No you obviously didn’t, Come over here”
Duel walks over closer to me, “Where’s spreading plague?”, I say.
Duel walks back and says, “Oh… OH…”
Jeremy plays a Dragon Legend , Treva, I sac my Llanowar Knight just as if spreading plague was out. He says go. I cast the last worldly tutor in my hand a grab a Galina’s Knight (UW Pro Red, 2/2.) Draw it, cast it. He screams, “No.” Next turn he plays his second Pulse of Lawnowar, sacs it to destroy my Spreading Plague. He pauses, “wait, oh BAKA (Japanese for stupid)!”
I claim at that point, I won. Using solely finesse and Jeremy missing very important plays.
I was very dead, seeing how I his creatures should have stuck around. But the thing that worries me is how many times even the best of magic players make horrifyingly bad mistakes.
I’m not claiming to be the best, but of the current players in my play group I’m one of the top players. I make mistakes like that often, forgetting to grab back a Sharded Phoenix during my upkeep. Dropping my hand on the table reveling it to all, or just smiling too much when I draw good cards.
Wakefield Six, was a way of counting how many mistake that you have gotten during a game. As more and more casual players start to enter tournaments it is vital that those players know how to play with out making mistakes. I know that myself it helps tremendously, shocking creatures at the end of my opponent’s turn? Who would have thought?
It also helps players spot vital mistakes that of players make, letting you get the upper hand on them. **MY BIT** You take a basic, six-sided dice, and for every mistake you make, you count down from 6. Simple, eh?
The key to the Wakefield dice is that if you make a note of your mistakes, you can correct them in the future. It gets you to pay attention to how you play, because there is a consequence: when your count goes from 6, all the way to zero, you lose. This is punishment for being a bad player. Even if you have 50 life, and they’re at 3 with no creatures, you still lose if you made 6 mistakes. Jeremy lost that game. Bottom line, even though he won, he didn’t deserve it. THAT’S why the Wakefield Six is essential.

I have to thank Duel and Ertai5379 for there hard work. And Jeremy for making a good example of himself

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