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Quest for CPA buttons
By The CPA
The Casual Players' Alliance has been around for over a year now. Many of our members would like to promote this great website at the various places they play Magic, yet they do not have a concrete way to do that.

An idea formed some time ago to have small CPA buttons made and distributed to the members that wanted them. If the following is successful, that is what we might be able to do, and more., the host of the CPA, has volunteered to hold charity auctions for this cause. The auctions would be of a stack of 1,000 Magic cards donated by the CPA members for that purpose, at least 500 of which would be Uncommon and Rare cards.

If you would like to donate cards or money to this cause, send them with your name and CPA screenname to:

CPA Auction
C/O The Magic Obsession
PMB 193
3465 S. Arlington Rd.
Akron, Ohio 44312

If this is successful enough, other merchandice could possibly be made, such as caps or T-shirts. The success of this venture depends on you, the members of the Casual Players' Alliance.

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