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"Scrubs Corner": Sometimes I don't want to play...
By Shawn J. Houtsinger
Hello everyone,

I would like to inform you of a little information.

One: I like Magic the Gathering.

Two: I don't like Magic the Gathering.

Seems like a reduntant statement huh?
Not really.....
You see during my last three PTQ attempts for Chicago for the constructed format of MBC, I became a little frustrated.

I can seriously say that during some of my game I didn't even make a play mistake yet my opponent would beat me. WHY?
I will tell you. LUCK. Seriously. That part of the game you cannot control no matter what you do. Example is Mike Long. He is an individual who tried to set the factor of luck into my game play and got caught. From there he's been watched from there on.
Let me explain the situation.
I start out my hand with a basic green/black first turn Silt Crawler and fifth turn Blastoderm. Nothing big. Not much to pull this off. However my opponent has counter spells. Not only does he have Counter Spells but he has 5 of them in a row. No skill on his end. After doing that, he then a creature and then continued on countering my creature destruction.
Not only did he do all this to me but he played horribly. I mean he didn't even have any skill when playing his deck, buring many times on mana floating or not paying enough.
What am I to do?
I can name other match-ups where things like this happened. Sometimes I wonder I even play. I mean, I have no control of what can happen. With magic, you can only hope to control or merely curve the luck factor.
If my opponent plays a first turn Pouncing Jaguar and follows it up with a Rancor and a Wild Dogs, then proceeding to Might of Oaks one of his creatures, what am I to do?
Not much....
Let me say now I am not complaining. Only stating the obvious to all of those who feel my pain. Maybe I should play more chess. At least with Chess I don't have to worry about what my opponent might pull from the board or some lucky pawn that I didn't see come out of no-where and kill my queen.

I know, I know, you cannot make MTG without have the luck factor.

Another reason why I like the game.
The friends I have gained.
You could say I have reaped the rewards of a sucessful journey of Pro Tour goodness.

Last tournament I encountered a problem.
During the semi-finals of a local tournament, I was crushing my opponent. I had total control and won 2-0. I did all this while having fun with my opponent. Like games should be. After the game was done though, he started crying....
What am I to do?
Not a big deal huh?
Sure, unless he is a 12 year old opponent. That changes things. After trying to comfort him and calm the situation, I finally found out the problem.
Not that he lost but that he was more than willing to win that he felt a little upset. He wanted to win more than I did. I was merely just playing my game at my level and had a deck that is easily unfair against his.
He did his best.
I realized that I didn't want to play right then.
I conceded the match and gave a few words of advice.
I think if he wanted the game more than I did, he surely deserved it. I have been to the finals sooo many times in any format. It won't be my first of last time.
So I picked up my deck and wished him good luck on his finals match-up.
That is also the reason why I like Magic the Gathering so much also.
And why I hate it.
Maybe it is a love-hate relationship.
Take the good with the bad.


Till then,

Practicing Scrubiness in Wisconsin,


Shawn J. Houtsinger
The one and only,

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