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Cards and Deck Ideas 5
By Alex Makhovykh
Hi, Alex here, with an article,
and this week Iíve got 2 decks that Iíve been twiddling around with for my multiplayer group. As we all know, casual play and multiplayer go hand in hand, so I figured Iíd list a couple of decks that worked for me in my casual group. Bear with me, since I am not an owner of many expensive rares, however, at the end of each decklist I will suggest some of the things you can replace with either cheaper, or rare stuff that you might have. The first one, I call the "Haunted Angels", and it is black/white control deck that gets agressive in the later game. Hereís the decklist, feel free to alter it as you wish:

Plains x9
Swamp x9
Forbidden Tower x1
Spawning Pool x1
Soul Warden x2
Wall of Souls x1
Bone Shredder x1
Spirit En-Kor x1
Blinking Spirit x1
Radiantís Dragoons x1
Sengir Vampire x1
Master Healer x1
Ivory Gargoyle x1
Serra Angel x2
Radiant, Archangel x1
Archangel x1
Avatar of Hope x1
Avatar of Woe x2
Haunted Crossroads x4
Hidden Retreat x1
Pestilence x4
Subversion x1
Demonic Tutor x1
Balance x1
Syphon Soul x1
Unnerve x1
Catastrophe x1
Plague Wind x1
Dregs of Sorrow x1
Swords to Plowshares x2
Disenchant x3
Exile x1

And there you have it. A deck that is capable of establishing control in the early on, and taking over with big creatures in the late game.

Cards I Had There Before: Soltari Visionary, Serrated Arrows, Necrologia, Fog of Gnats, Aura Fracture, Mageta, the Lion, other stuff I canít remember.

Cheaper replacements: well, if you want to go life gaining way and add in more Radiantís Dragoons and keep on recycling them with Haunted Crossroads. Even with one in this deck this trick works like a charm. Congregate is great, and it would go in, but I donít have any. ;( More Swords to Plowshares or other removal such as Seal of Doom or Expunge, can replace Catastrophe, Exile, Balance, and Avatar of Woe. Master Healer can be replaced with Sanctum Custodian, Demonic Tutor with any other search card, such as Rhystic, Vampiric, or Enlightened Tutors, if you have any. Big Expensive flyers can be replaced with cheaper creatures, such as the En-Kor kind. Most of the other stuff is very easily found, but even if you donít have some of, there are replacements. Here are few choices to consider if you donít have a certain card, or just want to make the deck a bit better:

Petilence ====== Thrashing Wumpus
Soul Warden ===== Spirit Link or Congregate
Haunted Crossroads ===== Recurring Nightmare
Unnerve ===== Bottomless Pit
Subversion ===== Syphon Soul
Swords to Plowshares ===== Exile

In any case, there are a lot of substitutes for almost any card in this deck, and I am sure you can find those, if you do not own some of the cards from the decklist above. Find use for those extra 12 terrors you are holding on to. Extra Spirits En-Kor are also very good. Overall, try to find new ways to play this deck, and definitely try to change the decklist to your own liking.

How this deck plays:
Play very defensively in the early game, lay down Soul Wardens, Wall of Souls, Hidden Retreat, and Blinking Spirit. No one likes to see the Soul Warden in the early game, but then again, no one Ever likes to see Soul Warden. Haunted Crossroads and Pestilence often make you a target, so try to lay them down on turn 5-6. Hold of Disenchants for big threats, and Unnerve until you know that all players are hanging on to their power cards. Swords to Plowshares and Exile discourage people from attacking you, while Radiantís Dragoons make an excellent blocker and net you five life as they come into play. Master Healer is a big saver, especially once you have Pestilence out. Later in the game your big boys kick in: Archangel, Sengir Vampire, Serra Angels, Radiant, and Avatars. Subversion nets you tons of life, and is a great nuisance to everyone, so be prepared for a lot of shots aimed at you. Plague Wind and Catastrophe can mean game over for your opponents when played later in the game. Avatar of Woe is a nice finisher, and so are your Angels and Pestilences.

Overall: this deck can handle anything when played right. Have fun with it!

Deck #2: Red/Green Control

This deck is built on removing threats and building mana supply early on, and than overrunning opponents with your mean big creatures. It has a various creature removal spells, and can deal with any kind of permanent.

Bottle Gnomes x1
Tinder Wall x3
Stampede Driver x1
Quirion Elves x1
Vine Trellis x2
Yavimaya Elder x2
Spike Feeder x1
Keldon Warlord x1
Wildfire Emissary x1
Lhurgoyf x1
Jolrael, Empress of Beasts x1
Dirtcowl Wurm x1
Weatherseed Treefolk x1
Ogre Shaman x1
Volcanic Dragon x1
Shivan Hellkite x1
Avatar of Fury x1
Avatar of Might x1
Stormbind x1
Pattern of Rebirth x1
Arc Lightning x4
Creeping Mold x4
Elven Cache x1
Multaniís Decree x1
Shatterstorm x1
Rolling thunder x2
Fanning the Flames x1
Constant Mists x1
Fissure x1
Ghitu Encampment x1
Slippery Karst x1
Mountain x9
Forest x9

Other things to put in this deck: Birds of Paradise, more Spike Feeders/Bottle Gnomes, Defense of Heart, artifact mana, Thorn Elemental, Regrowth, Revive, Recycle, Multani, Maro-Sorcerer, whatever else fits your taste.

How this deck plays:
In the early game play Tinder Walls and Vine Trellis to build up mana and also discourage people from attacking you. Stop weenies with Arc Lightning and Stormbind, or Constant Mists. Yavimaya Elders can do some blocking while netting you a card and 2 lands when they go to graveyard. Later on play cards like Dirtcowl Wurm, Ogre Shaman, Lhurgoyfs, Jolrael, and Volcanic Dragon. Finish the game with the avatars, Shivan Hellkite or big direct damage spells, Fanning the Flames and Rolling Thunder. Creeping Molds and Fissure are very flexible spells that you can always use. Shatterstorm and Multaniís Decree have tremendous effects when played at the right time, while Elven Cache can bring any card from graveyard to your hand. Weatherseed Treefolkís ability is amazing, especially when you are facing a big untargetable creature such as Blastoderm or Multani.

This deck is a lot of fun to play, but is also very competitive, and flexible. With some more mana acceleration and some changes you can probably transfer it into a single player deck. Have fun with it!

For those of you who care, my new "Limited Casualties" article is on its way. Be paitient! It will probably be here in a couple of days.

Please send your input to , I love e-mail,
or post it here.

This is Alex Makhovykh,
superguy from message boards
Alex, Emperor of Squirrels

"Hatred outlives the hateful"
"Oh, I had a conscience once. But alas, I seem to have forgotten where I put it."

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