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Article Name Author Date
Chaos Turtle's Planeshift PreRelease Preview! TWO Rob Myers January 26, 2001
   "Some folks seemed to think that I was liking too many of the cards I previewed in part ONE. I certainly didn't mean to give this impression..."
Chaos Turtle's Planeshift PreRelease Preview! ONE Rob Myers January 25, 2001
   "Rare-drafting is a cheap and sleazy practice, frowned upon by anyone who knows anything about drafting, which is precisely why I advocate it."
The Questing Beast Russell Sherman January 23, 2001
The Road to Tourney: Still making the same mistake Mark Ortego January 22, 2001
   "I don't believe I suffer from A.D.D...."
Building Fires Iain Bain January 22, 2001
   "the Standard environment emerging is drastically different from the plays of yesteryear"
Single-card Strategies: Plague Spitter Todd Parker January 19, 2001
   "a single Plague Spitter can take out a 4/4 with little trouble"
"Back to Basics" Keith Ouellette January 8, 2001
   "if you happen to have individually solid cards that happen to "Voltron" into PURE SWEET LUBIN', then by all means give u"
Rare Earths: Lessons from Extended, 2 Russell Sherman January 6, 2001
   "I found myself testing...G/W/B, and I found something quite amazing: it works."
Rare Earths: Lessons from Extended, 1 Russell Sherman December 29, 2000
   "Two-Deuce, the little brother to Three-Deuce!"
"Scrubs Corner": What is Extended again...? Shawn J. Houtsinger December 25, 2000
   "Even after banning Mana Vault and Dark Ritual from the format, this deck (Trix) is amazing..."
Rare Earths: The World According to Zadok Russell Sherman December 14, 2000
   "The actual combo is not how you win, but how you defend your win method, and stop theirs."
Midnight Magic: Christmas theme deck Graeme Taylor December 12, 2000
   ""Christmas is nearly here, and that calls for theme decks.""
"Scrub's Corner": Cheating and Etiquette Shawn J. Houtsinger December 6, 2000
   "There is nothing more vital to card play than a fair game. Along with that is a good line of communication and good sportsman"
"Srubs Corner": A Look at Extended Shawn J. Houtsinger December 4, 2000
   "I hope this helps you out in your future PTQs attempts"
"Scrubs Corner": PTQ Indianapolis, Ind Shawn J. Houtsinger November 28, 2000
   "I have great confidence in playing ANY deck as long as I don't build it"
Rare Earths: Meddling in Extended Russell Sherman November 27, 2000
   "The extended concept pool, while not stagnant (Not with so many people), is certainly scraping bottom."
Mono color decks are not dead....yet. Desmond Teo November 22, 2000
   "Despite the hubbub about Gold cards...I still play mono-color decks."
"Scrubs Corner": A look at life,mtg, etc.... Shawn J. Houtsinger November 21, 2000
   "I enjoyed talking about topics of current events all the way to smelly mtg players"
Rare Earths: Changes Russell Sherman November 20, 2000
   "We've become a big site, and we're now on The List."
At the end of the day a traditional deck reigns. Desmond Teo November 20, 2000
   "The loss of Avalanche Riders for Red doesn't mean it's the end of Ponza. The loss of Powder Keg, Masticore and Treachery does"
Rare Earths: Armageddon, Now! Russell Sherman November 15, 2000
"Scrubs Corner": A look at extended for 2000-2001 Shawn J. Houtsinger November 14, 2000
   "Let me show you the decks that will probably be played."
MY first tournament - what a blast! Mchael Goves November 10, 2000
   "Beefcake, BEEFCAKE!"
"Scrubs Corner": Deck Construction P2 Shawn J. Houtsinger November 5, 2000
   "What to play at States?"
[No Title] Shawn J. Houtsinger October 26, 2000
   "things sure have changed"
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