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Article Name Author Date
Trading Basics for the Casual Magic Player Dan Luchesa May 14, 2003
   "I would like to give a shout out to Mark Ortego"
Enchant Worlds Theme Week. Robert Hilliard April 9, 2003
MTG Fans to meet in your town on March 5th William February 20, 2003
A Casual Players Guide to Grand Prix Boston Robert Dougherty February 13, 2003
My First (real) Magic Online Experience Kenneth Nagle (NorrYtt) September 17, 2002
   "Here I am, grading my diligent students' lab assignments, when it dawns on me to try that excellent Magic Online program since I was a beta-tester and I get a free draft."
Super-Printer-Friendly Onslaught Spoiler Rob Myers September 16, 2002
   "...formatted for easy readability without extraneous reminder text, flavor text, artist and collector numbers..."
limited card check Christopher Ehrlich August 29, 2002
   "Since lots of people have failed looking at which Judgement cards to play in limited, I will try to do so here."
Sleight White at FNM Richard Koelsch January 30, 2002
   "Turn 3 Meddling Mage naming Rage he said Oh H***"
Full Torment Spoiler Chedy January 22, 2002
Multi-player Guidelines Sy Johnston January 7, 2002
   "When was the last time you saw a chain lightning get bounced among players 6 times?"
Decks and Artwork Auction Pete Hoefling November 21, 2001
   ""Auction of the People" Decks and Ultra-Rare Original Magic Artwork on eBay!"
The Road to Tourneyland: PA States Report Mark Ortego November 14, 2001
   "I'm friggin' 39 and I write so big that part of the 3 and 9 are bulging out of the box"
Pennsylvania States 2001 Ryan Shelkey November 14, 2001
Some tips for your first 5... Kevin Cron November 9, 2001
   "If you've never seen 3-4 people dive into a 5 looking for that game-swinging spell, you haven't lived"
The Orgg's Treatese on: The Odd Pre-Release Jensen Bohren October 1, 2001
   "Decks are re-passed out, and I hear one "Wooo-Hooo!""
Russell Sherman August 31, 2001
   "I LOVE theme decks. To death. Soldiers, knights, merfolk, goblins, and forests"
Apocalypse Spoiler Aric Ingle aka Spiderman May 16, 2001
   "As listed in the forums by [b]Lotus Mox[/b] to e-League for the full spoiler and Apprentice patch..."
A Casual Regionals Day Mark "Ransac" Wanich May 2, 2001
   "We talk for a little bit and agree that a game that is good is better than a game that you win."
Of Caribou and Conundrums, Reality Sucks Nick "Ura" Saviskoff April 30, 2001
   "Thankfully, not all things are sad and depressing. My little Caribou Range contest has come to an end and a winner been chosen."
Why you, casual player, should have voted for me Vasco Da Gama April 13, 2001
   "I blame you."
The Ramblings of a Net Addict Nick "Ura" Saviskoff April 11, 2001
   "The torture is horrible, I curl up in a little ball on my bed in the fetal position and stare at the wall bug-eyed. A chaotic jumble of images and thoughts are blazing through my mind."
The Orgg's Treatese on: The Dr. Garfield Interview Jensen Bohren April 5, 2001
   "Magic has succeeded far beyond what I could hope for."
Theives never prosper Cantata March 14, 2001
   "A large collection of cards was taken and 7Towers is hoping for everyone to pull together and help them catch the culprits."
Midnight Magic: Suicide Black Graeme Taylor March 1, 2001
   "Although I doubt this article will reach the epic proportions of Rakso's offering, I hope it will carry out a similar role, serving as an introduction to the deck archetype...."
Beyond Dominia's White Weenie Primer Rakso aka Oscar Tan February 24, 2001
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