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Article Name Author Date
A Story of Cheating and Miscalculation Douwe Terluin October 4, 2005
   "At this point, a voice in my head (which I mistook for logic)..."
First Thoughts On Ravnica John Fu September 15, 2005
   "Actually with my job, I don't think I will have any time to get knee deep into it."
The Orgg's Treatese on: why Vizzerdrix is bad Jensen Bohren September 7, 2005
   "One misconception that is hard to remove from a new player's mindset is the 'big creatures=better creatures.'"
Enter the Internet! Eric Turgeon August 26, 2005
   "buying cards from the Wizards store is for chumps"
The Steaming Scrivener Goes Ghostbusting Arjan.van.houwelingen May 11, 2005
   "Liege of the Hollows... is probably best used in squirrel decks."
The impenetrable wall of countermagic... Stephen O. Bahl March 1, 2005
   "...donPlay decks that curl up and die against a single counter (The Fluctuator comes to mind)."
Creativity Within Limits Matthew Weber February 10, 2005
   "Although few say so outright, most casual deck builders design their decks with any number of constraints in mind."
The Road to Tourneyland: The MML's First Game Mark Ortego January 11, 2005
Sligh of the Times Aaron Swersky December 27, 2004
   "remember: There Is No Turn Five."
Witches and choices Arjan van Houwelingen December 1, 2004
   "Death Match is a killing machine opponents can also utilize."
The Road to Tourneyland: Miss America '76 Mark Ortego October 19, 2004
   "Even the "Golden Rule" is sometimes questioned"
Participating NOW--Introducing Oversoul Stephen O. Bahl July 26, 2004
   "Like many of us when first starting out, I made the mistake of trying to build five color decks or decks with too many local enchantments."
The Stack: Use and Abuse John Fu July 14, 2004
   "The stack is what basically seperates men from the boys(women from girls)."
"Infinite" combos in formatted play Tony Lyskawa June 14, 2004
The Color Wheel Benjamin Baxter June 4, 2004
   "Why aren't there hordes of Red regenerating flyers, Black double striking tramplers, or hasted White nightmares with fear?"
Home-Made Set Aaron Swersky May 17, 2004
Combo Decks and Why??? BJ Miller February 3, 2004
   "I always hear Planer Void just says scoop to the guy playing tog."
They all Look the Same Bruno Stella January 13, 2004
   "Whether they are tall, short, fat or thin, they all have that smirk on their faces"
Interview with a Maker of MTG: Battlegrounds Jason Madhosingh November 26, 2003
My take - Magic's Mistakes Robert Hilliard November 25, 2003
"Scrubs Corner": "I am Wakefield's inner child" Shawn J. Houtsinger November 13, 2003
   "You passed Loxodon Warhammer?"
Mono Black Zombie bidding at states YAY BJ Miller November 10, 2003
   "I'm honored to lose to him [Silvos]"
More MTG: Battleground News Spiderman October 6, 2003
MTG: Battlegrounds Jason Madhosingh September 22, 2003
   "True Power Cannot Be Contained!"
The Orgg's Treatise on: Latest.Tourney.Report.Ever Jensen Bohren August 5, 2003
   "I loose threshold and cannot kill a creature because of the card named Mudhole."
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